A Sassy Women is a Happy Women!!

Do we really need an excuse to treat ourselves every once in a while?

We love welcoming people from all walks of life into our store and we endevour to make sure that when they leave with a smile on their faces.

A Sassy woman is a Happy woman....lets us explain...


Size.Age, Shape.Style.You


Every Bra has its purpose and fits in different ways. Some with more filling to give you that extra boost and some with less to let our bigger busts take their beautiful and natural shape. It is inevitable that with every bra you will be a different size according to the design and structure. We try not get to fixated with the numbers and letters, although its important to know, we are more focused on the fit and feeling of each piece.


Our bodies are forever changing. From the teenage years, through the maternity months and right through to our sophisticated ladies. Our beautiful bodies goes through more stages than a traveling Broadway musical. We cater for each of these stages and understand the importance of individuality.


We can talk to you about what kind of fruit or object you most resemble but its not going to help boost anyone moral if you find your once hour glass figure is now a plum. Your shape is entirely individual to you and again it will change with your age. Of course is important to dress for your shape and this is where our fashion advice comes in. We spend our day talking you about the perfect fit and support and encourage you to love and embrace the shape that you are. Knowing what you have underneath your clothes creates your gorgeous shape will shine through and make any woman radiate with confidence.


We admit it, we too have looked back on old photos and cringed at that horrendous trend we once followed. Being based in such a culture rich city we love to see the different and unique styles that walk through our town these days. We cater from the active swimmers and avid outdoors enthusiasts to the ladies who love lace and believers in black.


This is the most important factor of being a sassy woman. YOU! When you purchase a Bra, Lingerie Set or Swimwear from us you have to ask yourself the questions, questions that only you can answer. Do I feel comfortable in this?Does this cater for MY needs?Ask us all the questions you need to and ask yourself just as many. After all, it is you who wears it and we want you to be 100% thrilled about when you leave.




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