Essential guide to surviving the Morning Mayhem

Commuting in style...easier said than done. Whether it's going to the airport, catching a bus/train or simply deciding that a nice morning walk to work will do, arriving to work the same way you left the house can sometimes be the morning challenge of nightmares.

Although it's certainly not time to brush the dust off the wellies just yet, as Autumn approaches so does the blustery winds and brollys. We all hate that type of know it..light enough to let us think we won't need our waterproofs but heavy enough to still let us walk into work with humidity hair that has a mind of it's own.

This is your essential guide of what to wear & pack in your bags during these confusing fews weeks ladies.

1. A Brolly....Gone are the days the free metro from our daily bus journey will suffice. Our beautiful, stiff with hairspray, half the morning time spent on it barnet is no match for the four seasons in 20mins you're about to face.

2.'Walk to work' shoes... don't let a peep of the scottish sun fool you. Have your flat/heels you intend to wear about the office in your bag and do a quick change when you get in, or even better leave your good pair in the office so you don't have to cart them about.

3. A compact mirror...Oh sure a quick peep in your reflection of the shop windows may give you a all round glimpse of what to fix in a hurry...take it from us..that reflection does not show the nutella lipstick left from that morning's sugar fix...avoid the funny looks from bus drivers and fellow passengers.

4. A Hairbrush...whether you like a comb, tangle teaser, brisley roller or paddle brush it doesn't matter. What does, is that some form or hairdo device is packed. If you've managed to use enough product to maintain your luxurious locks then good for you...some of us on the other hand, get hit with humidity and *Puufff*...we can join the