5 Tips to avoid the Christmas Craziness

Here in the Bravado HQ we love nothing more than the change of seasons. . All things festive, holiday crafts and the smell of your favourite tipple being heated up and spiced!

All being said we have not one bauble in sight ...just yet! Why might you ask, while every shop in town has the jingle bells blaring?...well for precisely that reason..

December is approaching and before it does we need to be prepared so we are sharing our shopping wisdom to you our Bravado beauties...remember these 5 tips for successful serenity filled shopping this christmas and you'll be laughing all the way to New years!....

1. Shop Local

There are so many benefits of shopping local this christmas. You can escape the madness of the high street.

You're guaranteed to get one of a kind gifts for your loved ones AND you're helping support local businesses...the best kind of present to give to your community and to keep it thriving.

2. Plan Plan Plan

Make a list and stick to it. The best feeling in the world is buying for others but its so easy to get sidetracked when shopping. (We can't be the only magpies who get distracted by anything shiny!?)

3.Avoiding the "Oh you shouldn't have..." Scenario

Help those who are trying to make their list successful. Drop hints to your loved ones. Steer them in the right direction rather or perhaps a forceful nudge if they seem distracted and let them believe they made that choice themselves. </