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At Bravado we understand how confusing getting the perfect bra can be. We want you to enjoy your lingerie buying experience. To help with any queries you might have please read the most commonly asked questions we get asked in store. If we have missed something please do not hesitate to to get in touch..we'd love to hear from you!

What cup sizes do you stock?


This differs from brand to brand and from style to style. The size you may be in your current brand of choice does not necessarily mean you will be the same in ours. Many of our sizes can be either quite generous or the opposite and be a neater fit. We always encourage you to come get fitted so we can tailor your requirements. Amongst the many brands sizes ranges from 30-48 and A-I Cup. 


Do you stock front fastening bras?


Believe it or not the back of the bra does the majority of the work when it comes to the perfect fit. A front fastening bra compromises the support you will receive throughout the day significantly. For this reason we do not stock any front fastening bras. If you find it difficult fastening the bra in the current way you do, then maybe it is time to change the brand or style of bra you're wearing. You would be surprised how many ways we have seen women put on their bras and there is no textbook way to do so. Your comfort is our priority.

I love the bra I've bought recently, do you have matching pants?

Yes! We have a range of pants from thongs, briefs, full briefs, shorts and luxury thongs. These will differ from each bra and brand. 


Can I buy online?

Unfortunately we do not sell online. We believe that you deserve the perfect fit and the best possible advice for your shape. Our bodies can change in a matter of months so we always recommend you get a re-fit before purchasing any lingerie from us, even if you have had the bra before. 


What is your returns policy?

We will be happy to exchange or give a credit note for goods returned unworn, undamaged and with tags remaining within one month of purchase. Due to the nature of the garments we sell, we do not offer any refunds. This does not affect your statutory rights.


I have a credit note, will it expire?

From the date of issue you have six months to spend your credit note. We will send you a reminder when it is due to expire so you don't forget to use the remaining balance. You do not have to spend it all at once either. If you wish you can use it against a purchase and the remaining balance will then be extended to another six months. We do not extend unused credit notes. If you have lost your credit note, not to worry. We keep record of all credit remaining on your Bravado account so no paperwork required.



Do you sell Bridal Underwear?

We have many styles and brands which would suit as bridal underwear. Every bride is unique and no two dresses are the same. So if you are in search for a strapless, low back or lace bra in ivory or white then we have plenty to choose from. We find that many dresses today are being created with enough structure so a bra is not required. This isn't the case for every dress however so please come in for a fitting to discuss the options.


What accessories do you stock?

We have a range of different accessories to aid that perfect outfit. These range from; fabric or silicon nipple covers, back extenders, happy straps which turn any bra into a racer back, back lowering straps, chicken fillets, double sided boob tape and stick on disposable cups. 


What brands do you stock?

The lingerie brands we stock are Prima Donna, Empreinte, Marie-Jo, Marie-Jo L'Aventure, Passionata, Anita, Chantelle and Cosabella. You may not have heard of a few of these brands, which is a good thing! We pride ourselves on offering our customers only the best quality and most exclusive lingerie available.


What is Viscose?

Viscose is a cellulosic man-made fibre. A viscose solution is used to spin the fibre viscose rayon, or rayon, a soft man-made fibre commonly used in dresses, vests etc.

What is Modal?

Modal is a bio-based fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. It is about 50% more hygroscopic, or water-absorbent, per unit volume than cotton is. It is designed to dye just like cotton, and is color-fast when washed in warm water. Modal fabric has softness, good drape and is comfortable for wearing. Modal fabric has good breathability which is often considered better than cotton fabric.



How long should a bra last me?


This is a 'How long is a piece of string' scenario. At Bravado we actively seek out products and brands which have been engineered to maintain their structure and support. Every bra will in time give and stretch with wear and the more frequently you wash your bra, the more active you are and the amount of bras you own all contribute to the length of time you will get out of your lingerie. Every woman we believe should have a max of four good bras. Two neutral every day bras which will see you through the week and perhaps another two for evening or weekend wear.

This way, you will have a good rotation throughout the week, less washing and thus greater time wearing the bra.




When should I get fitted for a maternity bra?


Nobody knows your body like you do. When you feel your current bra is beginning to feel uncomfortable either in the cup or most commonly around the bust, then come see us. This will vary for every woman. It's never 'too early' to get fitted for a maternity bra. You must listen to your body and know that it's changing and will continue to do so until after the baby is born. Our Hotmilk range with six clip back extensions, are fantastic for taking mum right through from pregnancy to birth. 

I've finished nursing, when can I get re-fitted back into my wire bras?


We recommend that you do not get re-fitted until 4 months after you finish nursing. This allows your body and boobs to adjust and relax after such a change. 




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