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Taking the 'Tick' out of Tik Tok

20 years ago I ordered by fax and paid by cheque. Trinny and Susannah were making way for Gok Wan in our living rooms and MYSPACE reached one million users.

Lingerie, as a product, has barely changed over the last two decades but the way we browse, take advice, research, shop and purchase has radically changed. Everything can be done from your phone at any time of day. Within days you can receive your parcel having neither touched the fabric nor spoken to another human being.

Your decisions may be influenced by your friends, on line reviews or a 'celebrity' endorsement through a social media post. The influence of what we see on line cannot be understated, we see a flawless filtered life and draw direct correlations with our unedited selves.

Take, as an example, the current trend towards the bralette. We are seeing more and more women espousing the virtues of non wired 'comfort' bras for all shapes and sizes. The idea of this unrestricted bra may seem to be the ideal solution and for a small number of us it can be. However, the majority of those blessed with more than a D cup will soon realise that the 'bralette' will not fulfill it's promise.

Social Media is now an integral part of our lives and whilst it is a very useful tool for information and should not be demonised as a marketing medium, we have to remember the lens through which it is viewed. One size does not fit all and 'influencers' are so called for a reason.

The moral of the story is, buy your books, coffee pods and possibly your mobile phone on line. However, when it comes to lingerie, always come into the store, ask to try and we promise not airbrush reality. When you leave you will understand how, what and why. As many of you know, we are always upfront and when you are armed with all the info you can post your own personal 'review'!

Keeping it REAL!

With love THE GIRLS at Bravado


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