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Adding a bit of Colour!

Back in 2004 the idea for Bravado was born in a magnolia office in Dunblane. Two decades later, we are still passionate about our goal of creating a wonderful, enticing destination for lingerie and swimwear in a sometimes grey world. We look forward; to our 20th year filled with days of bright light, flashes of colour, clear, sharp, less grey and more blue.

January has been a wonderful month for the Bravado girls to unpack summer. There is nothing more exciting than seeing new season stock arrive in store; the careful examination of our beautiful new swimwear, the delight of the vibrant blues, pinks and greens. Our lingerie too has a colourful, playful nod towards the carefree, bright blue days of spring; reminding us that the winter will not last forever and brighter days are ahead.

As we unpack, price and hang, we take turns to guess which of our beautiful customers will be charmed by each of the new styles. Who will go for the Hot Pink, whose bag will the Opaline travel home in, who will be seduced by Atholl Blue, Evening Haze or Crystal. We know who will smile at our invitations to try them all! (Be reassured, names will

not be revealed!)

So, as your plans for the year ahead are being made, holidays have already been booked by the Bravado girls (we like to get in early!). We are excited to share your holiday plans when the time comes. However, if like us you are counting down to your sunshine destination, remember that the Bravado winter thermals have not yet been relegated and are the perfect attire for those utterly glorious morning walks in the crisp air dreaming of the heat of summer.

Stay Warm and Colourful and we will see you soon XX


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